Keep Warm. Stay Connected

What are they?

Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves are a stylish way of keeping your hands warm while using your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touchscreen devices.

Thanks to their special contactwoven® fingertips, they do what other gloves don't: They let you use touchscreens without having to take them off. Learn more…

Five points about FIVEPOINT

  1. They're compatible with all touchscreen devices.
    • Including all iPhone, iPad and iPod models.
  2. They allow you to interact with all five points on each hand.
    • All ten finger and thumb tips are conductive, enabling any kind of input (including touch-typing on devices like the iPad).
  3. They enable precise input.
    • Since the whole of each finger and thumb tip is conductive, your touch always registers.
  4. They keep your hands warm.
    • They're made from virgin wool/cashmere, which means that they're warm and soft (so they won't scratch your devices).
  5. They're made in the United Kingdom.
    • In sweater shops, not sweatshops.

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