About Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves

Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves are a stylish way of keeping your hands warm while using your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touchscreen devices.

They're different from other pairs of gloves. Here's why:

While normal pairs of gloves keep your hands warm and dry, they don't allow you to use modern touchscreen devices. They act as a barrier, in fact, that prevents your touch from registering on these devices' surfaces.

Fingerless gloves do the opposite: Their missing fingertips allow you to use touchscreen devices; but they don't keep your hands warm and dry (which defeats the purpose of wearing a pair of gloves in the first place).

Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves give you the best of both worlds: They keep your hands warm and dry like a normal pair of gloves, while providing the touchscreen compatibility of a pair of fingerless gloves. That is, thanks to their specially-designed contactwoven® fingertips, they let you touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch your touchscreen devices in any way you need. And since all five points on each hand—that is, all ten digits—have these special tips, they let you touch-type too.

How exactly do they work?

The touch-sensitivity of the average touchscreen device results from a layer of capacitive material that adorns its surface. This material stores an electrical charge that is uniformly distributed across the screen when you're not touching it. When you press a finger or thumb against it, however, some of the charge is transferred to your skin, thereby causing the charge on the capacitive layer to decrease in the spot that you touched. It is this change that (a) lets the device know that you touched it and (b) tells it whereabouts.

This capacitive layer works well in many situations. But not all. It doesn't respond to a pen, stylus or any other pointing instrument, for example. That's because these items don't conduct electricity and therefore serve only to act as a barrier that prevents your skin from altering the charge on the screen. The same goes for a normal pair of gloves. Which means that on a cold, wet and windy winter's day, you have to keep taking them off to make calls; send emails, instant messages, texts and tweets; and play tunes.

Thanks to their specially-designed contactwoven® fingertips, our gloves do what other gloves don't: They conduct electricity! Which means that you can touch, tap and type on touchscreens without having to take them off.

A note on resistive touchscreens

While nearly all modern touchscreen devices employ the kind of capacitive technology described above, some (typically, older devices) rely on resistive technology instead.

Resistive touchscreens consist of two extremely thin metallic layers overlaid by a sheet of glass. When you touch the glass, the two underlying metallic layers are pressed together causing the device to register your touch. So, unlike capacitive touchscreens, they are pressure sensitive, which means that they can be manipulated with any object whatsoever—including your fingers, a stylus, a pen or even your nose.

As such, you can operate resistive touchscreen devices while wearing any pair of gloves—not just Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves. However, in order to be able to operate all touchscreen devices, only Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves will do.

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